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Abstract until May 18, 2022

Abstracts Type
1) Clinical Science
2) Basic Science
3) Translational science

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Abstract Submission Topics
1. Gut microbiota, kidney and cardiovascular disease
2. Protein-energy wasting and nutrition related topics in different stages of kidney disease
3. Nutrition care delivery in different stages of kidney disease
4. Exercise in Kidney disease
5. Diabetic kidney disease and Cardiovascular outcomes
6. Obesity and insulin resistance
7. Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
8. Muscle metabolism in uremia
9. Renal anemia, HIF-stabilizers, iron therapy
10. Aging
11. Macronutrients and micronutrients
12. Fluid and electrolyte balance
13. Enteral and parenteral feeding
14. Diet quality, quantity, dietary pattern and supplementation
15. Uremic toxins and metabolites
16. Uric acid
17. Dyslipidemia in kidney disease and treatment
18. Cardiovascular complications in kidney disease
19. Chronic kidney disease – mineral bone disease
20. Salt, hypertension and management
21. Potassium homeostasis and treatment for dyskalemia
22. Vitamin D
23. Nutritional and metabolic complications in kidney transplant
24. Renal nutrition in pediatric patients
25. Nutrigenomics
26. Hydration and kidney
27. Miscellaneous or other topics on renal nutrition and metabolism not mentioned above

Means of Submission
All abstracts must be submitted online (https://isrnm2022.sciconf.cn).The Deadline for abstract submission: (April 16,2022

Extended until June 2, 2022


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