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Paul Shiels
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University of Glasgow | ICS

Paul is Professor of Geroscience at the University of Glasgow. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and received his PhD from Glasgow University. 

He is a founder member of GARNER, the Glasgow Ageing Research Network. Paul has established a reputation in the biology of ageing and is author of over 180peer reviewed publications (including Cell, Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Genetics and Nat. Rev. Nephrology) and a number of Patents in this sector. 

Paul has acted as an expert on the Biology of Ageing in a number of national policy advising consortia, including pSoBiD for the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland. His research has involved determining socio-economic, psychological, lifestyle and biological factors that are required for healthy ageing. He was the first to report on socioeconomic status and nutritional factors affecting epigenetic influences on health. 

His current research portfolio comprises investigation and application of novel senotherapies and how the microbiome impacts on age related health.

Prof. Shiels has acted as CSO for Pathfinder Cell Therapy PLC and has sat on the 

Scientific Advisory Boards of TC Biopharm and 4D Pharma. 

He has a proven track record in public dissemination of his research including the 

provision of expert commentary for the BBC and ABC TV networks and as a Panellist at the Edinburgh International Science Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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The academic assignments are as follows
Date (UTC+8) Time (UTC+8) Local Time Hall Session Role Talk Title
2022-06-17 16:30-16:45 2022-06-17,16:30-16:45Hall 1

Plenatary Health and Sustainable Eating - Session 33

Speaker The industrialized microbiota – how eating habits and socioeconomic position affect the microbiota
2022-06-18 10:45-12:00 2022-06-18,10:45-12:00Hall 1

Aging in Kidney Disease - Session 5

2022-06-18 11:00-11:15 2022-06-18,11:00-11:15Hall 1

Aging in Kidney Disease - Session 5

Speaker The impact of the exposome on the epigenetic landscape of renal ageing