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Deborah Clegg
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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso | Internal Medicine

Dr. Clegg is a known expert in the field of sex hormones and metabolism with a specific interest in nutrition and how it interacts with physiology.  She has authored over 150 articles in impactful journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, American Journal of Physiology, and the National Kidney Foundation.  She is a clinical dietitian and in this role, she has advocated for personalized nutritional approaches and liberalization of diets to enhance patient compliance and satisfaction.  Dr. Clegg is the Vice President for Research at the Paul Foster School of Medicine/Texas Tech Medical School in El Paso, Texas.  Dr. Clegg and her research has been featured in many forms of media, to include the television program The View, and HBO series entitled ‘Weight of the Nation’, as well as in the popular press to include magazines such as Vogue, Mademoiselle, Ladies Home Journal, and Nature.  Dr. Clegg has been instrumental in bringing forward the importance of discussions centered on healthy eating and the chronic kidney disease (CKD) subject.  She has been invited to present nationally and internationally on this topic, she was selected to be on the KIDGO board to determine guidelines associated with diet for CKD individuals, and she has specifically authored over 50 papers in impactful, highly sighted journals advocating for liberalization of the CKD diet.

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Novel Aspects of Potassium Management at the Bedside - Session 8

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