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Ban-Hock Khor
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Universiti Malaysia Sabah | Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Khor Ban Hock is the senior lecturer of the Nutrition Program, Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Dietetics and Ph.D. from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He previously worked as a clinical dietitian at the two different hospitals under the Ministry of Health, Malaysia for four years. Khor’s research interests
 include fatty acid metabolism and nutrition in patients with kidney diseases. Khor is the committee member of several guidelines, including the Malaysian Dietary Guideline 2020, Malaysian Dietary Guideline for Children and Adolescence, Medical Nutrition Therapy Guideline for Critically Ill Adults (Malaysian Dietitians' Association), and Medical Nutrition Therapy Guideline for Chronic Kidney Disease (Malaysian Dietitians' Association).

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The academic assignments are as follows
Date (UTC+8) Time (UTC+8) Local Time Hall Session Role Talk Title
2022-06-17 18:30-19:45 2022-06-17,18:30-19:45Hall 3

Gut Microbiota – an Emerging Therapeutic Target in Kidney Disease - Session 16

2022-06-18 17:15-17:30 2022-06-18,17:15-17:30Hall 2

Optimizing Technology for Patient Empowerment in Disease Management - Session 22

Speaker Phosphate mobile app: Tuning diet and binder dose