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I Matsui
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Osaka University

Isao Matsui, M.D., Ph.D. is a senior lecturer in the Nephrology department and the institute for open and transdisciplinary research initiatives at Osaka University. He completed a medical residency in March 2000 and a Ph.D. in pathophysiology and informatics in 2007 at Osaka University. His primary research interests are in chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD), imaging, and artificial intelligence (AI). Dr. Matsui’s research group has clarified various nutritional aspects of CKD-MBD. For example, his group has revealed that L-lysine prevents ectopic calcification while carbamylation, which is a urea-induced post-transcriptional modification at the Nε-amino group of protein lysine residues, exacerbates arterial calcification. Nutrition, the theme of this conference, is usually absorbed from the intestine. Dr. Matsui’s group has demonstrated that lithocholic acid, a secondary bile acid in the intestine, increases phosphate and calcium absorption from the diet in a vitamin D receptor-dependent but transcellular pathway-independent manner. His group also revealed that the fetuin-mineral complex (i.e., calciprotein particle) reflects ectopic calcification stress in mice and humans. In recent years, Dr. Matsui has also been working on AI development as a member of the subcommittee for AI/ICT infrastructure construction, the Japanese Society of Nephrology. Dr. Matsui has received many awards, including best abstract awards at the ISN NEXUS symposium.

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2022-06-18 11:30-11:45 2022-06-18,11:30-11:45Hall 3

Vitamins, Minerals and Other Biomarkers - Do They Impact CKD-MBD and Related Outcomes? - Session 27

Speaker Protein Carbamylation - a key driver and treatment target in vascular calcification