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Stephan Bakker
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University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen | Internal Medicine

My prime interest is the relation between nutrition and long-term outcomes in the general population and in specific patient populations, particularly patients with chronic kidney disease and patients with diabetes. A strong characteristic of my research in this field is that I make use of objective assessments of biomarkers of nutritional intake and nutritional status in addition to subjective assessments of intake from questionnaires. To allow for performing this research I have been involved in building large cohorts with underlying biobanks and longitudinal follow-up in the general populations and in the mentioned patient groups. Results of my research have been published in more than 850 manuscripts in high-ranking, international, peer-reviewed journals on which I was co-author, and in 47 succesfully defenced PhD-theses which I supervised.

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2022-06-18 10:45-11:00 2022-06-18,10:45-11:00Hall 2

Muscle Wasting and Sarcopenic Obesity in CKD - Session 24

Speaker Disturbed Creatine Synthesis and Protein-Energy Wasting in Chronic Kidney Disease