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Zukfitri Azuan Mat Daud
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Universiti Putra Malaysia | Dietetics

Dr. Zulfitri is an academician-dietitian and currently serve as an associate professor at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Dr. Zulfitri is actively advocating the role of dietitians in nephrology practices and developing his peer influence in renal nutrition in Malaysia through academic teaching, research, networking and capacity building for dietitians. Dr. Zulfitri’s research focuses on multi-faceted nutritional intervention for advanced chronic kidney diseases (CKD) patients in view of heightened inflammation and increased prevalent of protein energy wasting (PEW) in this population. He is also exploring metabolomics approach to understand metabolic alterations of PEW and corresponding abnormal metabolites that could potentially serve as biomarkers of PEW as well as to specifically identify the impact of nutritional intervention on metabolites profiles. Some of his current research activities include a multi-centers clinical trial on palm tocotrienols that involving dialysis centers in Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and the United States of America.

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2022-06-17 14:30-15:45 2022-06-17,14:30-15:45Hall 3

Dietary Acid Load and Metabolic Acidosis – Overlooked Treatment Targets in CKD - Session 17