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Chris Mcintyre
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Western University | Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine

Dr McIntyre attended Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School, London UK, qualifying in 1990. Specializing in Nephrology he trained initially as a Registrar at University College London and subsequently as Lecturer at St Barts and the Royal London Hospital. He was Professor of Nephrology at Nottingham University (UK) and Head of the Division of Graduate Entry Medicine and Medical Sciences, before relocating to Canada in 2014.  

Dr McIntyre is now Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Medical Biophysics. He is the inaugural holder of the Robert Lindsay Chair of Dialysis Research and Innovation at the University of Western Ontario. He also serves as Director of the Lilibeth Caberto Kidney Clinical Research Unit, and HemoLab, at London Health Sciences Centre. He leads a team of 30 multidisciplinary researchers focused largely on the pathophysiology of dialysis and the effects on cardiovascular, brain, liver and gastro-intestinal structure and function. These studies include basic clinical science, natural history studies and the development and application of novel therapeutic strategies into large scale randomized controlled trials. These studies have increasingly focused on the adverse consequences resulting from dialysis therapy itself and the improvement in outcomes by the reduction of preventable harm. Multimodal imaging plays an important role in these studies including ultrasound, CT, PET and MRI (proton and multi-nuclear).

Dr. McIntyre has supported over 100 young researchers in the last 15 years, including principal supervision of 35 PhD level postgraduate students. Dr McIntyre has authored more than 250 peer reviewed articles and was awarded the Lawson Health Research Institute Scientist of the Year award for 2020.

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