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Keith G Avin
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Indiana University- Indianapolis | Physical Therapy

Dr. Avin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Indiana University. Dr. Avin has a B.S. and M.S. in Kinesiology, a DPT, a Ph.D. in Physical Rehabilitation Science and post-doctoral training at the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University.  His research and training span the bench-to-bedside divide, with a particular focus on skeletal muscle changes and muscle interactions associated with aging and disease.  He investigates the impact CKD progression and exercise interventions upon have upon musculoskeletal health in CKD. 

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2022-06-18 11:15-11:30 2022-06-18,11:15-11:30Hall 2

Muscle Wasting and Sarcopenic Obesity in CKD - Session 24

Speaker Anabolic resistance of CKD muscle: Causes, Consequences, and How to Overcome