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Martin Christa
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University Hospital Würzburg | Department for Cardiology

After completing his medical studies in 2013/2014, Dr. Christa started working in the Department of Cardiology at the University Hospital of Würzburg. His research on sodium started in 2015 with an observational study in patients with Conn syndrome. As this study provided interesting answers but also led to new questions, he switched to the small animal MR and is now the head of the small animal MR research in Prof. Bauer's group. Here, he works with x-nuclear imaging (23Na/19F) and uses state-of-the-art mapping sequences to further investigate body sodium metabolism and behavior in health and disease, as well as in medical/interventional treatment. Besides reseach he is still working as cardiologist at the University Hospital in Würzburg, with a focus on imaging and interventional cardiology.

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2022-06-17 16:30-16:45 2022-06-17,16:30-16:45Hall 3

Off Loading the Salt Burden in Kidney Patients - Session 3

Speaker Salt-sensitive hypertension: sodium storage in hyperaldosteronism