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Carla Maria Avesani
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Karolinska Institutet | CLINTEC

Carla Maria Avesani. Dietitian with Master degree and PhD in Science focusing on energy metabolism of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Her research is based on clinical studies investigating energy expenditure, body composition and dietary patterns of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). More recently she became more interested in the role of healthy plant-based diets in mitigating the nutritional disturbances related with CKD.

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The academic assignments are as follows
Date (UTC+8) Time (UTC+8) Local Time Hall Session Role Talk Title
2022-06-17 16:00-16:15 2022-06-17,16:00-16:15Hall 1

Plenatary Health and Sustainable Eating - Session 33

Speaker Sustainable food production – summarizing the ETA Lancet commission
2022-06-18 19:15-19:25 2022-06-18,19:15-19:25Hall 1

Joint ISRNM - KDIGO session: Implementing KDIGO Guidelines on BP and Diabetes management in CKD - Session 13b

Speaker Lifestyle Intervention for Blood Pressure Management in CKD: Focusing on Dietary Salt and Potassium