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Kassia Beetham
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Australian Catholic University

Dr Kassia Beetham is an accredited exercise physiologist, and is a Senior Lecturer at Australian Catholic University in Brisbane, Australia. Kassia's research investigates the effects of exercise on cardiovascular risk facors in kidney disease. In particular, Kassia's research has focused on high intensity exercise in lifestyle-related cardiometabolic diseases. She is extending this research into the effects of higher intensity exercise during pregnancy, in particular the effects of higher intensity exercise on maternal and foetal outcomes, cardiopulmonary physiology, and placenta morphology and function. 

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2022-06-18 17:45-18:00 2022-06-18,17:45-18:00Hall 3

Lifestyle Intervention - Why Does it Matter? - Session 34

Speaker Implementing lifestyle intervention in patients with CKD - insights from a recent randomized trial