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Anthony Meade
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Royal Adelaide Hospital | Nutrition and Dietetics

Anthony Meade is an experienced Renal Dietitian from Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia. He is convenor of the Renal Nutrition Program and focused on teaching the practicalities of implementing nutrition care for people with kidney disease. He is passionate about positive, clear, individualised nutrition messages and improving the lives of people with kidney disease through positive interventions. 

Anthony is also an experienced Accredited Sports Dietitian and has worked within elite sport for >20 years, combining this experience to advocate for the benefits of nutrition and exercise in people with kidney disease.

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2022-06-17 15:15-15:30 2022-06-17,15:15-15:30Hall 1

Joint ISRNM-Grobal Renal Exercise Session - Session 12

Speaker Applying the principles of sports nutrition and exercise performance to CKD/Dialysis Patients